Band Heater

SmithHeat Band Heaters are computerized designed and manufactured to your specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used for optimal performance.
Heating bands are the ideal solution for high watt densities and high operating temperature applications, especially for the plastics industry.
The different types of band heaters are: Mica Band heaters, Ceramic Band heaters, Mineral insulated band heaters and also tubular heaters embedded in Aluminium.


  • Food Industry Applications
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Plastic Extruders
  • Blow-Molding Machines
  • Container, Pipe or Tank Heating
  • Pharmaceutical Applications


Clamping Pads:-

If a complete band heater cannot be used due to an obstruction, a large gap must be created in order to fasten the heater to the cylinder on either side of the gap. Do not use clamping pads on both sides of the same section of the heater.

Independent Straps:-

Straps are tightly clamped around the cylinder's surface and drawing force is distributed uniformly around the band heater. This force is transferred to the inside windings and improves heat transfer by providing effective surface contact and eliminating air gaps.

Spring Loaded:-

They are made of independent straps, built-in barrel nuts, and spot-welded straps with longer screws with die springs which tightly affix the band heater for thermal expansion.

Flange lock-up:-

It is the most economical immobilizer mechanism designed for narrow heaters.



Silicon Mica Sheets

We have lauched new high quality of Insulated Silicon Mica Product...

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