Open Wire Heating Element

The product line open wire heating elements are mainly used for the heating of gaseous media.

SmithHeat Open Wire Heating Elements exhibits very effective heating with high efficient power usage. The Alloy wires are in direct contact with the gaseous media, due to which the transmission of heat requires no-time.

The alloy wires are wound in the mica sheets. These wire wounded mica are joined together in series or parallel to achieve the required specification and assembled with thermal cut-outs, Thermal fuse, Thermostats etc.

The heating element principally consists of Mica insulation plates, stainless steel frame and heating spiral.

Heating elements for Laundry Dryers with air guide channel made of galvanised material for laundry dryers with ceramic spiral carrier stones, 2 steps at 230 V up to maximal 3000 W, available with different temperature limiting systems.

Technical Option :-

  • Additional insulation plates in the metal housing
  • Cable receptable systems and housing
  • Cable protecting sleeves and seals
  • Integral temperature setting
  • Mica supported spirals
  • Spirals alo available mica supported or glas fibre cord supported

Fan heater with axial fan :-

The appliance has a round "Zig-Zag" element with carrier frame for motor mounting. The heating element has an integrated cut-out. The "Zig-Zag" coil is riveted to two MULTIMICA� rings.

Fan heater for the warming of air according to the convection principle :-

The heat coil is inserted standing freely in a carrier plate made of MULTIMICA�. The coils have two sides and have an enlarged distance. Through higher surface charge, a more inexpensive device construction is possible.

These standard elements contain an open heating spiral supported by a ceramic unit (3 spirals). According to the safety standards, the spiral can be filled with a fibre glass cord. This cord hinders the heating spiral from being deformed at high impact or (in case of a break down) to get in contact with other metal parts.

  • Height of the air escape in mm: 36 (35), 31, 2
  • Length in mm: 84, 122, 182, 242, 302, 362, 424, 484
  • Fitting blowers: ebm-Papst: QLK 45, QLZ 06, QLD 6



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