SmithLamina G-11 material is a formable, high strength medium weaves glass epoxy composite that retains fifty percent of its original properties at 155�C (Class F). Typical applications include insulation in power generation equipment and other structural part.

The industry refers to "G-10" material when they want a flame retardant, V-0 rated glass epoxy laminate rated at 130�C RTI. Technically, NEMA G-10 is a non-flame retardant, non-brominated version of glass epoxy laminate. If a non-brominated material is required, please specifically address this issue.

It has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties at elevated temperatures. It has a continuous operating temperature of 329�F.

The mechanical and electrical properties of G-11 are excellent. Even at elevated temperatures, G-11 has a low dielectric loss and has retention of 50% of mechanical properties at 300 degrees F. Because of these characteristics, this material should be used in applications where temperatures in excess of 125 degrees C are encountered.

Today, G-11 is used in many unrelated applications including high temperature, cryogenic, and radiation.

Key Characteristics :-

  • Grade: NEMA LI-1 Grade G11 / IEC 60893 EPGC 203 / Hgw 2372.4 / EP-5 / SI 5
  • Standard Colour: Green
  • Specific Density: 1.80 - 2.00 Gm/cm3

Technical Data :-

Key Characteristics Units Typical Values
Rockwell Hardness (1/8”) M Scale 110
Moisture Absorption (1/8”) % 0.09
Tensile Strength (.125”) CW psi (MPa) 40000 (275)
Flexural Strength (.062”) LW - CW - psi (MPa)   54000 (372) 18000(124)
IZOD Impact Strength LW - CW - ft.-lbs./in.   10.0 9.0
Arc Resistance (.125”) Seconds 185
Compressive Strength, Flatwise psi (MPa) 50,000 (344)
Density Lb./in3 .069
Bond Strength (.500”) Kg 886
Electrical Temperature °C 160°
Dielectric Strength(.500”) V/mil. 65
Rockwell Hardness (1/8”) M Scale 110
Moisture Absorption (1/8”) % 0.09
Tensile Strength (.125”) CW psi (MPa) 40000 (275)
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