SmithLamina G-11 material is a formable, high strength medium weaves glass epoxy composite that retains fifty percent of its original properties at 155C (Class F). Typical applications include insulation in power generation equipment and other structural part.

The industry refers to "G-10" material when they want a flame retardant, V-0 rated glass epoxy laminate rated at 130C RTI. Technically, NEMA G-10 is a non-flame retardant, non-brominated version of glass epoxy laminate. If a non-brominated material is required, please specifically address this issue.

It has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties at elevated temperatures. It has a continuous operating temperature of 329F.

The mechanical and electrical properties of G-11 are excellent. Even at elevated temperatures, G-11 has a low dielectric loss and has retention of 50% of mechanical properties at 300 degrees F. Because of these characteristics, this material should be used in applications where temperatures in excess of 125 degrees C are encountered.

Today, G-11 is used in many unrelated applications including high temperature, cryogenic, and radiation.

Key Characteristics :-

  • Grade: NEMA LI-1 Grade G11 / IEC 60893 EPGC 203 / Hgw 2372.4 / EP-5 / SI 5
  • Standard Colour: Green
  • Specific Density: 1.80 - 2.00 Gm/cm3

Technical Data :-

Key Characteristics Units Typical Values
Rockwell Hardness (1/8”) M Scale 110
Moisture Absorption (1/8”) % 0.09
Tensile Strength (.125”) CW psi (MPa) 40000 (275)
Flexural Strength (.062”) LW - CW - psi (MPa)   54000 (372) 18000(124)
IZOD Impact Strength LW - CW - ft.-lbs./in.   10.0 9.0
Arc Resistance (.125”) Seconds 185
Compressive Strength, Flatwise psi (MPa) 50,000 (344)
Density Lb./in3 .069
Bond Strength (.500”) Kg 886
Electrical Temperature °C 160°
Dielectric Strength(.500”) V/mil. 65
Rockwell Hardness (1/8”) M Scale 110
Moisture Absorption (1/8”) % 0.09
Tensile Strength (.125”) CW psi (MPa) 40000 (275)
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