Round Kettle Elements

SmithHeat Round kettle elements is made by high precision wires and insulation sheet for most efficient heat distribution around the surface.

We are manufacturing different kinds of kettle elements in which some of the most special are as follows:

Mica Based Round Kettle Element:-

SmitHeat Mica Based Round kettle elements are made by high quality Natural Mica and Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr Ribbon wires.
Wires are wounded in the Natural Mica Plate and sandwiched between Natural Mica Cover. The terminals used are Brass strip or PTFE insulated Wire.
The properties of Natural mica allow these elements to work in high temperature.

SS Covered Round Kettle Elements:-

SmitHeat SS covered Round Kettle Elements can be used in liquid heating.
The high precision thin Resistance wire is wounded in the mica sheet and sandwiched between Mica sheets. This assembly is then covered with stainless steel sheet. The wire wounded is covered with mica sheet to avoid any contact from Stainless Steel body.
The terminals used are plug-in type or can be customized accordingly.

Etched Foil Round Kettle Element:-

We are also manufacturing above two kinds of round kettle element in etched foil system for rapid heat and cool properties. The thickness of the heating element is less in etched foil system.

Download Datasheet and properties

Regardless of these system of manufacturing, we also manufacture all kinds of heating elements as per customer design and specifications.



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