Mica Strip Heater

Mica Strip Specifications:-

  • Length - Minimum 2.5", Maximum - Consult Sales
  • Width - Minimum 3/4"
  • Thickness- Standard .156", Fold over 1/4"
  • Maximum Sheath Temperature - Maximum 900 F; 482 C
  • Mounting Slot - 9/32" x 3/8"
  • Terminals - 10-32 x 5/8" Post terminals or 10" High temperature fiberglass leads
  • Wattage - Recommended maximum, wattage 35 watts/sq. in.
  • Voltage - 480 VAC Max

Strip Heater Options:-

  • S/S braided leads for flexibility
  • Button terminals
  • S/S conduit for maximum lead protection
  • Right angle exit available on any construction
  • Dual voltage and 3 phase construction
  • Spring guard upon request
  • Built in thermocouple
  • Euro plug
  • Terminal box
  • Ground wire construction
  • Custom mounting holes
  • Ceramic terminal covers
A specially treated rust-resistant steel casing provides physical strength, high emissivity and good thermal conductivity for sheath temperatures up to 900�F (480�C). For sheath temperatures up to 1200�F (650�C) a stainless steel sheath is available. The specially designed stainless steel screw terminals are securely fastened to a connecting jumper, assuring positive contact with the windings. For other terminal or lead arrangements, see termination types below. Specially selected mica grade and thickness is used to insulate the windings, providing excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. A specific nickel-chrome resistance ribbon wire size is to provide is designed to provide the lowest winding temperature possible. The ribbon wire is wound on a specially selected Mica Strip, providing even heat distribution for maximum heater life.



Silicon Mica Sheets

We have lauched new high quality of Insulated Silicon Mica Product...

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