Insulating Tubes

We are manufacturing a wide range of insulating tube for electrical and thermal insulations for a broad range of Applications.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the machines and tool making workshop which enables us to make hollow structure of different types like round, square, and as per customer specifications.

The material used in insulating tubes is mainly as per requirement of temperature resistant. The various kinds of tubes we manufacture are:-

Shellac Mica Tube:-

This is mainly made up of natural mica splitting with the bonding agent Shellac to provide high temperature resistant. As per requirement of muscovite and phlogopite mica splitting are used.

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Mica Paper Tube :-

Mica paper Tube is manufactured by using re-constituted Muscovite or phlogopite mica paper with different binding agent like Epoxy or Silicon.
Muscovite mica paper, phlogopite mica paper, calcined mica paper and synthetic mica paper is used as per requirement. Mica paper tube exhibits high temperature resistant and also high mechanical strength which allows us to use in wide range of application.

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FRP Tube :-

FRP - Fiberglass reinforced polyester tubes are made with glass fiber cloth with use of synthetic resin.

This has excellent combination of high strength, Flame resistance and low smoke, flame and toxicity generation.
This product is widely used in electrical application that require high arc and carbon track resistance, as well as flame resistance, physical strength and moderate heat resistance.

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SQUARE Mica Tube:-

Square Mica tube is mainly used in Electric Arc Furnaces.

Tubes are wound from epoxy resin impregnated glass filament typically of 450 yards per lb, final weight of glass to epoxy is about 3 to 1

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Silicon Mica Sheets

We have lauched new high quality of Insulated Silicon Mica Product...

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