PTC Heaters

"This material is named for its 'positive thermal coefficient' of resistance means resistance increases upon heating. "

Most ceramics have a negative coefficient, whereas most metals have positive values. While metals do become slightly more resistant at higher temperatures, this class of ceramics has a highly nonlinear thermal response, so that it becomes extremely resistant above a composition-dependent threshold temperature. This behaviour causes the material to act as its own thermostat, since current passes when it is cool, and does not when it is hot.

The dynamic resistance and output of PTC heaters makes them an excellent choice for providing controlled electrical heat. In many applications it is possible to do away entirely with thermostatic controls.


Thin films of this material are used in automotive rear-window defrost heaters, and honeycomb-shaped elements are used in more expensive hair dryers and space heaters, air heaters, drying appliances, compartment heaters, warming plates, glue guns, tool heating, heating systems for vehicles, dehumidifiers, tumble Driers. Since it advantages in temperature-sensitive, current limiting, time delay and noise-free, it could be applied to initiating refrigerator, protecting transformer as well as mosquito dispellers, iron, roller etc. The glow type material has characters such as stable performance, rapid heating-up and reliability. Therefore, it becomes the most ideal replacement for metal fuse. Now PTC has been used on heater, dryer, air curtain, air conditioner etc.

PTC Heating Element:-

SmithHeat PTC heaters with insulation film is composed of PTC stone, electrode, lead and insulation film. PTC stone is sandwiched between aluminium strip as electrode with the terminal connections in aluminium electrode strip.


  • High reliability with self-regulating characteristic(No thermostat is required)
  • Automatic control of temperature
  • Long-life
  • Safety
  • High heating efficiency
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Low cost
  • Available in wide voltage range (12V~600V)


  • It applies to Heater Fan, Hair Curler, Drying Machines, Hair Dryer, Hot melt glue gun, Foot warmer, diesel / fuel heater, Iron, hair straight, electronic appliances etc.

PTC heater with Shell:-

SmithHeat PTC Heater with aluminum shell is characterized in constant temperature, automatic control of temperature, wide range of voltages, fast warming-up, inflammable, safety and reliability.


  • This product is used for mosquito dispeller, hair strengtheners, hair curlers, hot glue gun, wax heater, wax warmer, humidifier, water boiler, liquid warmer, coffee warmer, milk warmer, polymer press-coating heater etc.

PTC enclosure heater:-

SmitHeat PTC Enclosure Heaters are used for enclosures where damage from condensation must be prevented, or where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. The aluminium profile heater body design has a chimney effect and distributes the heat evenly. The heaters are designed for permanent operation. Pressure clamp connector saves time and simple installation.

The heater body are made by extruded aluminium profile with mounting clip as per standards for the vertical or horizontal air flow.


  • This product is used as high technology and street cabinets, Control panel heating, small switchgear and electric enclosures etc.



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