SmithLamina materials are glass based laminates with a silicone resin binder. Glass silicone insulating materials offer excellent thermal resistance (up to 250�C) and arc resistance. These grades find application as electric furnace insulation, circuit breaker parts, switchboard panels, and arc barriers and also available in tubing.

In fabrication, care must be taken due to the low internal bond strengths inherent in silicone resins.

It exhibits excellent electrical properties, excellent heat resistance, outstanding arc resistance, and Self-extinguishing properties.

The main applications are Class H Transformers, Arc Plates, Terminal Boards, Microwave radar insulation, Spacers, wedges and all H class applications.

Key Characteristics :-

  • Grade: NEMA LI-1 Grade G7 / IEC 60893 SI GC 202 / Hgw 2572
  • Standard Colour: White
  • Specific Density: 1.80 - 2.00 Gm/cm3

Technical Data :-

Key Characteristics Units Typical Values
Rockwell Hardness (.062”) M Scale 100
Moisture Absorption (.062”) % 0.19
Flexural Strength (.25”) CW- LW- psi (MPa)   15000 (103) 18000(124)
IZOD Impact Strength CW- LW - ft.-lbs./in.   8.5 17.0
Arc Resistance (.125”) Seconds 200
Compressive Strength, Flat-wise psi (MPa) 45,000 (310)
Flammability Rating Class V-0
Breakdown Voltage (.062) (Both Parallel Step Method) kV 55
Dielectric Strength V/mil. 350
Permittivity (.062”) - 4.34
Dissipation Factor (.062”) - 0.0017
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