Glass Fibre Ropes

Fibreglass Ropes are made by special quality glass continuous filament made by inorganic flexible fibreglass fibers, twisted together to form desired cross section. Henceforth Ropes of required sizes (in round or square section) are manufactured by interlock braiding technology and tension are adjusted in machine to obtain desire tightness in ropes.Fibreglass Ropes are widely used in various applications: Processing Vessels, Tanks, Grooves, Furnace Doors, Covers, Oven doors, Flanges in sheet metal & steel fabricating industries etc.


  • pH range : 0 -14
  • Temperature withstanding : 600�C
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • It does not burn or smoulder, shrink, swell, & stretch resistant.
  • It retains high tensile strength at elevated temperature while maintaining great flexibility.
  • Ropes are further impregnated by PTFE, Polyurethane, and Graphite etc for various application & use.

Chemical composition of glass fibre ropes
SiO2 content alkaline oxides (Na2O, K2O) alkaline terrous oxides (Cao, MgO) B2O3 Al2O3 TiO2
53-60% < 2% 20-25% 0-9% 11-15.5% 0-3%
Technical parameters
Recommended service temp : 550°C
Softening point : 850°C
Melting point : 1200°C
Loss on ignition : < 1%



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