Magnetic Laminate

It is a magnetic laminate that consists of glass cloth, iron powder, and an epoxy based resin system. It possesses excellent magnetic conductivity combined with high mechanical strength. This material is commonly used for the fabrication of slot wedges for high-voltage induction motors.

Fabrication :-

SmithLamina fabricates all kind of insulation materials according to the drawings and specification provided by customers.

Technical Data :-

Key Characteristics Units Typical Values
Standard Colour   Grey
Density g/cc 3.5
Resin system   Epoxy
Flexural Strength 23° C 150° C Psi (MPa) 21,000 (145) 17,000 (117)
Iron Content % 75
Glass Content % 7
Resin Content % 18
Heat Resistance   Class F - 155°C
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