Elements for Electric Irons

SmithHeat Electric Iron elements are specially made for commercial and residential press Irons. The construction of heating element is made in a manner to provide uniform heat to the Irons bottom plate.
The heating elements are connected to thermostat to provide different heat to different kinds of fabrics during pressing. Also, the working life of these kinds of heating elements is very important to avoid regular replacement and inconvenience to end users.
We are manufacturing different kinds of Elements for Electric Iron depending upon the size, power and usage.
The Ceramic heating band is suitable especially for applications with high watt density and therefore for higher temperatures.

Mica based Iron Elements:-

SmitHeat Mica based Iron elements are very popular in commercial use as. As in commercial uses, the Irons bottom plate is very thick to give enough pressure to fabrics, so the elements must be able to heat the thick plate uniformly and also in less time.
SmitHeat Mica based element is best suited for these application. The resistance wires are wounded to thin natural mica or Mica sheet plate and covered both side with natural mica or mica sheet. The terminal used is of plug-in type, brass strip, or PTFE insulated cable.

Etched Foil Based Iron Element:-

SmitHeat Etched Foil based Iron Elements is very thin and etched resistance foil is sandwiched between insulation sheets or film with the PTFE insulated cable as terminal.
The insulation sheet or film used are Mica sheet, Natural Mica or Polyamide Film.

Download Datasheet and properties

Regardless of these system of manufacturing, we also manufacture all kinds of heating elements as per customer design and specifications.



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