Ceramic Bobbin Heater

SmithHeat Ceramic Bobbin Heaters are made with sheathed and without sheathed material. The sheath material ranges from nickel plated mild steel, copper, nickel plated copper to stainless steel. Ceramic Bobbin Heater consists of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire supported on refractory insulators and connected to a terminal block at one end.
Ceramic Bobbin Heater offers a large surface area to heat liquids or semi-solid materials such as water, oil, wax, fats, and bitumen. These heaters are mainly used for direct heating of air and indirect heating of liquids and gases where the element is fitted into a pocket in the process tank or system so that the element may be replaced without draining down the system or vessel.

Installation :-

We manufacture Ceramic Bobbin Heater for any voltage or wattage within manufacturing limits. Heater can be supplied with suitable mild steel or stainless steel pockets and mounting flanges or bosses is required.

The element allows easy installation and handling. They are normally manufactured for horizontal mounting, but may be specially designed constructed for vertical installation. These are energy efficient as 100% of the heat is generated within the solution. The versatility is that this type of heating unit gives simple, low cost installation.



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