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Smith Therm is a great opportunity for the right candidate to become a part of an exponentially growing market of Smith Therm's products across the European, Middle east and African market.

Smith Therm is looking for distributors for our top-of-the line engineering plastics, and insulation materials, having a huge potential market.

We are looking for partners at various locations in Europe, Middle east and Africa to run a local business, introduce the Smith Therm brand and make a profit. the number of available opportunities is limited.

Benifits of representative and distributorship :-

  • Single representation in the country
  • Marketing support
  • Extensive Product Segment
  • Distributor support and product training
  • Competitive pricing

At Smith Therm, we believe tht a high-quality product can only be prepared from excellent resources engineering, and we only use the preeminent resources available as it is sourced from industry leaders and pioneers all over the world.

We are wiling to work hand in hand with our customers and other companies of the trade to explore the market and create glory.

If you are interested in distributing Smith Therm Products in your country, please call us at +91 99553 96943 or email



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We have lauched new high quality of Insulated Silicon Mica Product...

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