Composite Mica Roll

SmithLamina composite mica roll is made by using high quality muscovite, phlogopite or synthetic mica paper with one side or both sides backing with different material as per requirement and needs. The Glass cloth, Ceramic felt, and Nomex are mainly used as backing material. It contains both mica and ceram to own good insulation and isolation functions. The silicon Binding Agent provide high strength and H class insulation which enables to use this product in broad range of products.

The composite mica rolls are laminated in two layers and also in multilayer, the layering allows us to maintain the thickness and. Smitherm� gasket mica sheet exhibits low shrinkage, good aseismatic property, Excellent thermal resistance, Good corrosive and wearing resistance and also with no asbestos or noxious contents.


Smitherm� composite mica roll are widely used for aseismatic and thermal insulation of electrical apparatus, heat insulation, and even as the necessary fireproof layers in industrial furnaces and metallurgy.
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Silicon Mica Sheets

We have lauched new high quality of Insulated Silicon Mica Product...

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