Toaster Heating Elements

SmithHeat Toaster Heating Elements are very effective and efficient in heating. We are manufacturing more than 10 designs of toaster heating elements.
The construction of toaster elements depends upon assembly position, as in the side of toasters only single side winding element is used and in the middle of toaster both side wounded element is used.

Different types of SmitHeat Toaster heating element :-

Open Wire System :-

SmitHeat Open wire system Toaster heating element is very effective for fast heating. The alloy wire is wounded over mica plate.

Mica Insulated open wire system :-

SmitHeat Mica Insulated open wire system is the most efficient and most recognized elements and used by top brands in Appliances. Natural mica with the transparent properties is used to cover the open wire winding which provide safety and keep some radiations away from the food material.

Etched Foil system :-

SmitHeat Etched Foil system Toaster Heating Element is very effective and efficient in rapid heating and cooling of the elements, which in turns is power savings and time savings. The heater is designed and etched foil is made from alloy foil. The etched foil is pasted in the insulated Mica plate or Ceramic board.

Reflective coating with ceramic mica system :-

SmitHeat reflective coating with ceramic mica system is new aged toaster heating elements.
The etched foil is pasted in the ceramic board or mica. A thick layer of ceramic paste with chemical to favour the reflective properties of heat is used in the back side of winding. The reflective coating reflects the heat to the front side.

Download Datasheet and properties

Regardless of these system of manufacturing, we also manufacture all kinds of heating elements as per customer design and specifications.



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