SmithLamina GPO3 is a mineral filled, continuous strand fiberglass-mat-reinforced thermoset unsaturated polyester material.

SmithLamina� - GPO3 exhibits High Flame Resistant, Flame Rating, Combines High Arc and Track Resistance and Asbestos - Free. It is an easily fabricated laminate that exhibits excellent flame resistance. GPO3 is mainly used in the transit industry, where smoke generation and smoke toxicity are of primary concern. It is also recommended for switchgear, connectors and control panels.

Arc Stack Assembly and Flyback Transformer :-

It has exceptional flame resistance, arc resistance and a high temperature capability for applications such as fly back transformers and arc stack assemblies.

Key Characteristics :-

  • Grade: NEMA LI-1 Grade GPO3 / IEC 60893 UPGM 203
  • Standard Colour: Red / White
  • Specific Density: 1.80 Gm/cm3
  • Thickness: -

Technical Data :-

Properties Unit Typical Values
Standard Colour   White(Red)
Tensile Strength Psi 8,400
Tensile Modulus Psi x 106 1.8
Flexural Strength Psi 24,600
Flexural Strength 130° C Psi 8470
Compressive Strength Psi 31,200
Shear Strength Psi 12,000
Specific Gravity   1.83
Water Absorption % by wt. 0.2
IZOD Impact Strength (notched) 8.9
Electrical Strength, Perpendicular Vpm 425
Arc Resistance Sec 181
IEC Track Resistance V. >500
Insulation Resistance Ohm x 1012 823
Co-efficient of thermal expansion In/In/°C x 10-5 2
Electrical temperature – °C 120
Mechanical Temperature - °C 140
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