Quartz Infrared Heater

"An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation."

The Infrared Quartz Tubes are designed for a couple of different heating applications and processes like toasters, room or patio heating or industrial drying. SmitHeat� Quartz elements provide medium-wave infrared energy with fast heat up and cool down with element temperatures ranging from 1000 �F to 2000�F. The elements produce infrared energy in the 2 to 3.5 micron range. Infrared heaters use either a fuel to heat an emitter, or an electrically heated filament as the emitting body. Filament is protected with a heat-resistant quartz glass tube.

We offer both clear and satin (translucent) quartz. Clear quartz radiates about 95% of the infrared energy directly, whereas satin quartz absorbs about 35% of the energy and radiates it at a longer wavelength.

We also offer quartz element with reflective coating of different material like Gold, Silver.

For this diverse range of applications, various connectors can be installed at both tube ends. Infrared Quartz Tubes are available as light or dark emitters and generally designed for horizontal assembly. Through constructive adoptions it is also possible to operate them in a tilt or vertical position.

Following are the different kinds of Filament used as per requirement::-

  • Tungsten Filament
  • Ni - Cr Wire Filament
  • Carbon Filament


  • Shrink Packaging Equipment
  • Film Processing
  • Printing Dryers
  • Automotive Paint Dryers
  • Process Heating
  • Food Cooking and Warming
  • Comfort & Spot Warmers
  • Vacuum Forming



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