POM (Poly-oxy-methylene)

SmithPlast POM is a white (natural) Polyacetal, commonly referred to as POM (Polyoxymethylene) or Acetal. This material has excellent physical and chemical properties to serve a wide range of applications. POM is very stable in wet and dry environments and is recommended for precision and close tolerance parts. POM has very low moisture absorption compared to standard nylons and is also FDA approved.

Application :-

It is mainly used in friction bearings, friction strips, gears, plugs, tool supports, insulators, housing parts, guide rings, bushes and as high precision parts.

Product Data :-

Physical Property Unit Value
Specific gravity g/cm³ 1.39
Water absorption % 0.2
Upper Temperature °C 110
Lower Temperature °C 50
Mechanical Property Unit Value
Tensile Strength at yield MPa 63
Elongation at yield % 10
Tensile Strength at break MPa -
Elongation at break % 31
Ball indentation MPa 135
Flexural Strength MPa -
Elasticity Modulus MPa 2600
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